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Artist, environmentalist, vegan, feminist, atheist, nudist, cyclist, chocoholic, trekkie. Interested in issues of sustainability and equality —

Every day we wear a wall, we enclose ourselves, just peeking out so we can see, hear, smell, eat, and hold things. If it is really cold sometimes we sacrifice those abilities too! We decorate our walls with colours, patterns, and textures. We make our wall a representation of ourselves; who we think we are, who want to be, who we want others to see us as.

I of course refer to our clothing, a fabric wall we hide behind.

Sometimes it is cold, so you would rather stay behind your walls, in your home, and be nice and warm…

Adapted from an email to my Conservative-voting dad, trying to explain just how awful the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 is for the rights of protest in the UK.

In short, the wording of the bill gives the police and the home secretary the ability to arbitrarily declare any form of protest, even a single person shouting, banned, at the risk of large fines or imprisonment. This is on the grounds of protests “may have a relevant impact on persons in the vicinity of the procession if it may cause such persons to suffer serious unease, alarm or…

A guide to the many places you can find the famous dinosaur Dippy the Diplodocus, and the history of its duplicate casts around the world.

Dippy in his former home at the Natural History Museum in London

Dippy is a celebrity dinosaur, a beautiful and imposing specimen of the species Diplodocus carnegeli, one of the awe-inspiring giant long-necked sauropods. But what might surprise regular museum goers around the world who feel they know Dippy intimately, is that there are many copies of this beloved and impressive creature, each hosted in different institutions across the globe.

Only one of these is “real”, the rest are casts, most often in plaster. But the feeling…

A poetic celebration of the glorious diversity of nipples.

Pink and pale, darkest brown,
Fleshy tones, can be subtle or profound,
Some nipples like to be bold and showy,
Others blend in, their skin tones flowy.

Maybe your nipples are really tiny
Almost no areola, they’re still shiny,
But some are wide, or tall, or other,
Perhaps the entire breast they smother.

Some hairs around, just a bit of down,
A ring of bumpy bits, a little fleshy crown,
Be they inverted, hiding inside themselves,
Or so pointy, they make little fabric shelves.

They might sit high above the breast…

Lincoln City Council are currently running a public consultation on their plans for the redevelopment of Lincoln Central Market. If you’re a Lincoln resident, I encourage you to add your feedback and thoughts. The format is an online questionnaire, with questions prompting support of the plans, but does allow space for more general feedback too.

The plans include significant architectural interventions, to add windows into the arched walls along the north and east sides of the market, and a mezzanine floor inside. They would also be replacing the narrow butchers section and public toilets down the south-side of the market…

Before my wedding to my amazing wife Nadine, I was really apprehensive at the prospect of wearing a wedding ring — So much so that I suggested us getting tattooed rings instead; which is quite something for someone who both has a really low pain threshold, and hates tattoos! But Nadine wasn’t down for that and so we went with rings —I am glad we avoided that painful alternative!

Our wedding forewent plenty of the traditional wedding tropes, we very much crafted a ceremony and a day we wanted, that really represented us. But I could see the value of…

Thoughts on the sexualisation of body parts, taboos and mental self policing that causes, and the freedom we could have in a nudist society free of body shame.

As a nudist, and an artist who focuses on nudity, I often find one of the biggest barriers to people trying out nudism, or just getting naked in any context, is the idea that certain body parts should not ever be seen, due to the sense of specialness — or more often shame — associated with them. …

The following in an excerpt from a photographic portrait series I created.

Who are you? What sort of person do you think you are? What sort of person do others see you as? Every day we make ourselves who we think we are; who we want to be; or who we are expected to be. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, every day we dress to create an image, a persona. But what is behind this façade of personality? …

As far as I’ve been able to find from the occasional search, there doesn’t seem to be an active publication on Medium with a focus on nudism, or nudity more broadly. So I’ve decided to create one myself, as a home for my own writings on nudity, and I hope a hub for other nudist and nude-curious writers here to share their work too. Welcome to Nude Positive:

I envision this being a place to share works on all aspects of non-sexual nudity, including thoughts on nudism as a lifestyle, philosophy, and movement; nudity in a wider social context; body…

I wrote to my MP today to request a change in covid strategy to a zero-covid approach, as outlined below (kept briefer in my correspondence!). Alas I have no confidence this incompetent and dithering Conservative government has the vision or will to do anything like it. They need to treat the covid crisis with far greater urgency and much less complacency. …

James Grigg

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